Boxercraft Sweat Shorts Review

This is my first review. Ahhhhh! It's pretty exciting. I will be buying a reviewing many more pairs of sweat shorts in the future.

Here goes nothing. Let me know what you think and if you find it useful. Also if there is a certain pair you would like me to review send me an email. And I will get on it.

Working out

As a quick side note I have never been a huge fan of working out in sweat shorts or sweatpants. However during my few workouts the shorts held up nicely. The pockets held my phone, and keys no problem. One issue is that I came across with the heather grey pair was that sweat would show through. So if your looking to workout in them get navy or black and the problem would be fixed.


When it comes to sleeping in sweat shorts mobility and temperature are the most important. These shorts have a nice build so that you are able to move you legs freely. And the material is a nice middle/lightweight material keeping you not too hot or cold.


Very comfortable 40/60 poly/cotton blend. I look forward to throwing them on after work.

Running Errands

The 10 inch inseam makes for the perfect length. They hit right at my knee. Two side pockets make it easy to hold whatever. And that grey being such a neutral color; it was easy to throw on a shirt and shoes and be respectable.

The Good

  • Price: These shorts are currently $28. Not a bad price for a pair of sweat shorts.

  • Fabric: I would consider the 7 oz. fabric weight as “normal.” Not too thick and not too light. I wouldn't wear these are super hot days. I could think of some sweat shorts that are a little lighter. And I wouldn't wear them outside in the dead of winter either.

  • Colors: Having three color options is really nice. It is pretty standard these day to have a grey and black. But the additional navy is a nice surprise.

  • Size: I bought an XL and it fits as I expected. The inseam, 10 inches, gives enough room and hits right in the middle of the knee. These shorts are unisex. They come in a total of 7 different sizes. Ranging from S-XXL in adult and S-L in youth. Finding a size that fits you should be no problem.

  • Pockets: The pockets have average size and depth. They aren't really deep pockets so be aware things may fall out. However they are built well and are big enough to fit a phone, wallet, and keys.

  • Quality: Made with quality in mind. The stitching has held up through multiple washes. It just has that feeling that it is made well. I don't know about you, but I like that feeling.

What Needs Work

  • Washing: The shorts shrunk a little in the wash. Now I know this is normal. This has not effected the size enough for me to not wear them. But if you are looking for extra baggy. You may want to consider a size up. Remember I am a pretty big guy though.

  • Hem: I am not a huge fan of the raw hem. I've noticed since after a few washes the hem has slightly curved up. Now this is not a huge issue however it may be a issue for some of you. However the hem has shown durability. It has not become frayed or damaged.

  • Waistband: I have no issue with the width or feel of the waistband. One thing I have noticed is that the elastic within the waistband isn’t very tight. This means I need to tie the drawstrings so that the shorts do not come off.

  • Drawstring: The main issue with the drawstring is that it gets pulled through the waistband easily. But it was a easy fix. Just tie knots on the end of each side.

Final Thoughts

Boxercraft has made a good classic sweat short here. Very comfortable, soft, and durable. With a price point around $28, these sweat shorts are a good choice for both male and female.

Get yourself a pair here.