Nobel Mount Sweat Shorts Review

If you are looking for sweat shorts to sleep in. Look no further.

However, I would not wear Nobel Mount Sweat Shorts in public.

Why? Because they have a single button fly. Think of them as a thick pair of boxers.

Hey, I am not complaining. I slept in them all week. Really great stuff.


  • $14.99
  • Sizes M-XL
  • 2 Pockets
  • Button Fly like Boxers
  • 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • Finished Hem
  • 4 Colors Available

The Good

  • Beautiful price point for sweat shorts at $14.99
  • Perfect for sleeping. Really just a thick boxer. Perfect for waking up on lazy Sunday's and relaxing watching TV.
  • Since they remind me of boxers, the fit is slightly bigger than a boxer. I bought an XL. With a pant length of 34, the shorts hit 2 inches above the middle of my knee cap.
  • Did not shrink in wash.
  • Pockets are surprisingly deep.

What Needs Work

  • Because of the button fly, I feel like I am wearing boxers. And for that reason I will not wear them in public.
  • Not a fan of the drawstring. Seems cheaply made.
  • They don't come in many sizes. I took a risk with XL. Normally I wear a XXL, but they don't sell it. Sorry big homies. However, if you are wearing them for sleeping, you will most likely want them a little small.

Other Thoughts

I would recommend these shorts to anyone who is looking for a pair of sleeping sweatshorts. The nice price point and quality material make for a great short to sleep and watch TV in. Also, if you buy on Amazon, they ship very quickly.

You can even get a double whammy pack from the Nobel Mount site for $29.99.

Go get your sleep on. And enjoy those dreams.