Pacterra Sweat Shorts Review

Pacterra is a small athletic apparel company based out of Portland, Oregon.

Yea, they are competing with some of the biggest players in sports apparel (Nike, Adidas Columbia Sportswear, etc.)

But Aaron, owner of Pacterra, wanted to start a brand that's both functional and comfortable - “It is my dream to create the best training apparel without sacrificing comfort.”

Wow, that makes me tear up a little bit...

With sweat shorts, comfort is key, and it looks like Aaron knows that.

Story Behind the Shorts

All sweat shorts created by Pacterra have a limited number of units. Why?

Pacterra uses recycled/excess fabric from other apparel companies. These larger manufacturing companies are sometimes unable to use all of the fabric that they bought.

This allows smaller companies, like Pacterra, to buy and use the left over material that would otherwise be burned or thrown away.

Aaron, searches for these leftover fabrics. Buys them up. And creates as many sweat shorts units he can before the fabric is used up.

This puts a unique spin on the shorts situation. If you want to buy pair from Pacterra, how do you know that the shorts fabric will be any good?

Well, the one thing that wakes Aaron up in the morning is fabric. Yea, he likes to design apparel as much as the next guy, but what sets him apart is his obsession with fabric quality and feel.

Talk about dedication.

That means that you, the customer, are getting shorts made from the highest quality of fabric possible. And there is no guarantee that the fabric used will ever come around again.


  • $50 price tag
  • High fabric quality
  • Sizes S-XL
  • Two 12 inch deep pockets
  • Thick elastic waistband with logo
  • Surged hem
  • 3 available colors

The Good

  • 100% made in Portland, OR USA.
  • The fabric - quality stuff. An ever changing feature, but it will always be an important feature.
  • These shorts were built to be worked out in. The slim fit and high tech fabric quality are perfect for sweat wicking and getting parallel.
  • The pockets are deep
  • Does not shrink in wash

What Needs Work

  • High price point ($50) for a pair of sweat shorts.
  • Only goes up to size XL. Nothing available for the XXL+ crew.
  • These shorts have no draw string. The elastic is tight and will hold your shorts up, but if you are the type that likes your shorts super tight, the lack of drawstring might be a turn off.
  • The slim fit works for working out and running errands. But it restricts ever so slightly. Not the shorts to wear if you are looking to just lounge around on the couch.

Other Thoughts

If you are looking for a quality pair of workout sweat shorts, these are perfect for you.

However, if you have tree trunks, I would not recommend buying these shorts. Just a tad too restricting.

If the higher price is a turn off, remember, you're also supporting a USA based apparel manufacture using recycled material.

No matter what unique fabric you end up with, Pacterra sweat shorts, will not make you disappointed.

Now stop making excuses and get better.