The Squat Test

You want to know what the squat test is?

I am not a fan of working out in sweat shorts. However, I know that some of you are.

To make sure I give the best information possible, I put sweatshorts through the squat test.

Basically, I put on sweat shorts, then go to the gym and hit the squat bar.

Get parallel baby!

This way, I can test the full range of motion and stretching ability of the shorts. It gives me a good measuring point for how much flexibility and comfort the shorts contain. Also, I get an idea of how well the shorts manage sweat.

I mean, if the shorts can handle squats without bunching or riding up, then they are good for relaxing, sleeping, yoga, dancing, running errands, chores, playing video games; the list just goes on and on.

I like to say that the squat test is the ultimate test for fit and comfort.

Keep squatting the house son.