Sweat Shorts' Drawstrings 101.

Do you hate belts? Me too. I will always recommend drawstrings and elastic.

Drawstrings come in many styles. Some are more basic than others, but their main function is securing your sweatshorts.

Why am I even talking about drawstrings?

Because drawstrings are an important part of life.

Don't believe me? Ask any person in the world if they have had and experience with drawstrings.

I bet the answer is yes. Drawstrings are also way better than belts.

OK. Maybe not that belt... That's bad ass.

Belts bunch, pinch, and dig into your stomach. Especially when you sit for a long periods of time.

Drawstrings don't and never will.

The point I am trying to make here is that drawstrings are comfortable and they are a main reason why sweat shorts are so comfortable.

Would we wear sweat shorts if they were not comfortable? Probably not.

Therefore, if you love sweatshorts, drawstrings>belts.

Drawstrings come in four different styles.

1. The Shoelace

The most common style of drawstring resembles a shoe lace. Made from cotton or spun polyester, the shoelace is secured by a plastic piece on either end.

Makes it easy to tie and tighten.

2. The Knotted Drawstring


Very similar to the shoelace drawstring minus the plastic tip.

You see this drawstring on hoodies. But the occasional pair of sweat shorts will have them.

The knots on the end help make sure the ends don't get pulled through the loop hole.

3. Thick Flat Drawstring

The thick flat drawcord normally comes with more expensive sweat shorts. Feels durable and strong. The thickness allows for a tighter pull and fit around the waist.

All three of these drawstrings are similar.

  • Easy to tie and adjust accordingly
  • You can change the drawstring with a different style or colored drawstring.
  • My favorite type of drawstring

The major flaw of these drawstrings is that they are easy to get pulled through the short loops.

How to Fix when Drawstring Pulled Through Shorts' Loop

There are two ways to get your shorts string rethread.

The first method requires a metal hanger and some tape.

First Method.

Unwind the hanger so that it is a one long piece.

Then securely tape one end of the drawstring to the end of the hanger.

Slowly start to feed the hanger, the end without the drawstring attached, through the loop.

Once completed pull the rest of the drawstring through.

Take off tape and your done.

Makes sure to go slowly so you don't tear any holes in the waistband.

Second Method.

Clip a safety pin to one end of the drawstring.

Then put the end of the drawstring with the safety pin through the shorts' loop.

Start to grab and pull the safety pin. It is almost like a caterpillar motion.

This method takes longer, but is a lot safer on the fabric.

Or you can use this nifty tool that will have you drawstring rethread in seconds.

The final type of drawstring doesn't have this problem. However it is extremely annoying to tie.

4. The Continuous Loop Drawstring

The basic loop drawstring is normally found on athletic shorts. Every once and a while there is a rogue pair of sweat shorts with them.

Made from the same material as the others.

It is difficult to tie because there no end to the cord. Making legitimate knots becomes difficult.

Luckily I created this Step by Step to help you tie a single loop drawstring.

Quick Tip

Cut the continuous loop exactly down the middle of the drawstring. Then tie two knots at either ends.

This makes the drawstring easier to use and tie.

The worst part is getting knots out.

With no end to the loop, knots can become very tight and only undone with long fingernails. And sometimes cutting the cord is the only solution.

Drawstrings Best Friend

Waistbands are almost as important as drawstrings themselves.

Drawstrings can be both on the inside or outside of a waistband.

I prefer the inside.

So when the drawstring is tied, it can be tucked away for a clean seamless look.

This style is a better look for dressing up sweatshorts. It makes the shorts seem more formal because you can't see the drawstrings dangling around.

The outside drawstring is easier to tie.

But these cords can become untied easier. And the style can look sloppy with strings hanging out everywhere.

Finishing Up

Whatever your preference of sweat short drawstrings, they only have one purpose.

Keep your shorts up.

Some people may never tie them. Others may need to tie them as tight as possible to keep those XXXL shorts from falling off.

The best part.

No matter which style you prefer. There is no belt required. So celebrate. And give your stomach some much deserved "free" time.

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Most importantly.

Stay comfortable. Stay awesome.

Michael Lamb

I discovered sweat shorts about 10 years ago. I fell in love with them, and I am glad I did.