Nike Hybrid 6th Man Sweat Shorts Review

 These shorts are amazing.

Now, I don't say this often, but these are some of the nicest sweat shorts I have ever worn.

Not to mention that they are cargo sweat shorts.

That is a double awesome. Mixing the best short design with the best material.

Makes me wanna shed one tear...

Back to reality. These shorts are top notch, however, these are also the most expensive sweatshorts I have ever bought. Ranging from $50-$35...

I got mine for right around $45 from

If you ask me, it was well worth the price.


  • Roughly $45 dollars
  • Sizes run from S-XXL
  • 6 pockets
    • Two normal side pockets
    • Two cargo pockets. One with a zipper
    • Two back pockets, both with clasp buttons
  • 77% cotton 23% polyester french terry
  • Finished hem
  • Thick elastic waistband
  • Shoelace drawstring with metal clasp

The Good

  • My first impression is that these are some stylish shorts. I feel like a boss when I am wearing them.

  • Pockets galore. The Hybrid 6th Man has 6 pockets. Two are normal and nothing to brag about. But, the other 4 are something special. Then there are two cargo pockets on the outside of each knee. The cargo pockets are made out of 100% polyester. It has a different feel. Almost like a waterproof jacket, but doesn't bunch or feel rough at all. Added Bonus -- the left cargo pocket has a zipper. The two back pockets are secured with a button clasp.

  • Strong waistband and drawstring.

  • The shorts barely shrank in the dryer. I ran it twice through the washer and dryer and there was very minimal shrinkage.

What Needs Work

  • It is hard to find these shorts. Sometimes too hard. I went to a week after I bought them and I can't find them up on the site. I think they sell quickly so they come and go in waves.

  • If your big you are out of luck. These shorts rarely are seen above the size XXL. But that is pretty standard for most Nike products.

Other Thoughts

  • I am going to say that these shorts run just a little bit small. I bought a XXL. And they are a nice fit, however, if my legs were big, like real big. These shorts would not be ideal. If you have any doubt, go a size up.

  • Definitely on the nicer side. I mean they just look really nice compared to some sweatshorts I have seen in my time. Clean, minimal, comfortable, and quality.

I would recommend the Hybrid 6th Man Cargo Sweatshorts to anyone who is looking for a pair of sweat shorts to wear to school or running errands. These are meant to be seen in public.

Anyway, go get yourself a pair and start living comfortably.

Remember they are hard to find.

So when you get the chance, don't hesitate to strike.

You can find these shorts at Footlocker, Nike, Amazon, and JimmyJazz.