My Top Five Sweat Shorts

Here is a small, but precise, list of my favorite sweat shorts.

Over the past decade or so I have worn and purchased close to 50 pairs of sweat shorts. This list, is comprised of the ones I see myself wearing over and over again.

If I don't wear them, then I can't call them a favorite. And I won't recommend them to you.

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For Relaxation | Errands | Yard Work

District Young sweat shorts. Roughly around $24 dollars, I see myself wearing these shorts often because of the nice fit. I wear them on the couch, at the store, playing video games, etc. A good standard short. Perfect for the first time buyer.

For School | Dinner | Date | (Fancier)

Nike Hybrid 6th Man cargo sweatshorts. More on the expensive side, but wow. These shorts are worth every penny. Nike has made a short perfect for looking good. I especially like wearing them going out on dinner dates. I wish I found these while I was in college -- I would have looked more presentable in class.

For Working Out

Nike Track and Flied Alumni sweat shorts. You can see me at the squat bar (getting past parallel) with ease wearing these bad boys. The tight thin waistband and strong drawstring help keep your shorts up. And the inseam length keeps them above your knees -- downward dog has never been easier. The one downside, then can be a bit tricky to find.

For Sleep

Nobel Mount sweatshorts. These the perfect sleep shorts. I wear them most nights. They are a lighter material then normal sweat shorts. Keeps you cooler. Also, they have a softer waistband (no digging in) and a simple button fly for easy access. A must have if you are looking for shorts to sleep in.

For The Big Guys

Kingsize Big and Tall sweatshorts. I use to be an offensive lineman. And I was a big boy. I needed something that would fit. These are guaranteed big man certified. Sizes run from Large to 9XL. There is even a "tall" category for my NBA friends.

Choosing one (if not all) of the above shorts will make your legs happy. And if you are buying for someone else, you will not hear any complaints.

Stay Comfortable. Stay Awesome.

Michael -- Sweatshorts Wizard